Saturday, August 29, 2009

iZO Cleanze: Day Three

It's Saturday morning and I was up in time to take Savannah for a daybreak walk. We passed by Lindsay Lohan's house and my good friend Mae Brunken's house (she not only designed my NY apartment, but lives around the corner from me in a beautifiul Mediterranean house made famous in the film "Double Indemnity" where it starred as Barbara Stanwyck's home) and Doris Robert's casa (who lives around the corner from Minne Driver and America Ferrera - it's quite a neighborhood!) ... and then down the road, a cul-de-sac ending in a spectacular view of Los Angeles from downtown to the ocean to take in the sunrise. It was spectacular - made all the more beautiful, I suspect, because of the smoke from the wild fires we've all seen these past few days. Nature sometimes has a way of turning even tragedies into something positive.

So, obviously I have some energy today. That's a good thing, because yesterday wasn't a terrific day. It was a productive day, for me, but not very comfortable. The headache persisted for most of the day. Nothing major - just, you know, there. It was also beastly hot in LA: 100 degrees. And I've been driving my vintage car (a '86 Mercedes 560SL) as my primary vehicle these days which is fun, but it has no A/C, so it was a challenge. I also felt a bit lethargic. I ended up going to bed at 10PM.

The iZO Cleanze drinks became less feast and more fast for me yesterday. I now simply down the liquid in one fell swoop as opposed to "savoring" it. They are so full of nutritional integrity, I suppose, that they couldn't taste good by definition. Amy Fuller, in my office, who is also doing the cleanse, really enjoys the teas. I think I'll take iZO Cleanze's suggestion and go to Whole Foods market to purchase some agave nectar in order to sweeten them - I find them very "earthy" if you will.

I stepped on the scale again this morning and have lost another two pounds, which is more reasonable, but still surprising. Seven pounds in two days is too much, I think. But hopefully it'll level off by tomorrow.

Today I feel better - clearly my energy is better (I also slept really well last night) and the headache is all but gone. It should be a low-key day. I'll watch Ted Kennedy's funeral and then get into my new book, "Netherland" by Joseph O'Neill. Maybe some laps at the pool ... maybe a movie at ArcLight. But no BBQ's and no cocktail parties ... oh well; no pain, no gain!


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