Wednesday, May 20, 2009

First day on the job!

I think it was when my dorm room windows began to frost around the edges and the sculpture garden at the National Gallery opened an outdoor ice skating rink that I decided I had better begin my job hunt for the summer. The economic downturn made my prospects look grimmer and grimmer each day I searched. Luckily, my parents did not expect me to find a paying job, especially under the circumstances, but rather something in which I could explore a new interest. After many emails, a phone interview, and a quick in-person meeting, I was thrilled to be offered a summer internship at JS2 Communications.

Today is my first day! It was hard enough moving back to Los Angeles after nine months of living on the east coast, but then to be thrown into a new office, with new people, new technology, and new rules—needless to say, I was a sea of emotions and nerves. Yet, after a mere four and a half hours of being on the job, I have been welcomed into the JS2 family more warmly and more whole-heartedly than I could have ever imagined. Though I fully expect (and even look forward to) the typical intern roles (e.g. making coffee, getting the paper, making lunch runs), I cannot wait to throw myself into the job. What I’ll be doing for the next few months I can’t know, but I’m excited to find out!

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