Thursday, March 5, 2009

SIRCUIT® Cosmeceuticals Introduces New Anti-Aging Treatment Serum

The secret to perfect healthy skin is finally out! SIRCUIT® Cosmeceuticals, the all natural Chirally Correct skincare line, debuts a powerful brand new anti-aging regeneration complex to address the specific needs of aging skin.

Oraia is a powerful serum that uses a full spectrum of 22 potent vitamins and antioxidants that work synergistically to control the many different types and causes of free radical damage and aging. When used daily for six weeks, it is clinically proven to provide proper nutrition which stimulates collagen production and the growth of new healthy cells. Benefits include:

95% more youthful
90% more hydrated
86% texture improved
61% wrinkles lessened
90% firmness improved
81% quality improved

“Oraia is unlike any other product anyone may have seen and tried,” says Michael Wolfgeher, president and founder of SIRCUIT® Cosmeceuticals. “It is a Chirally Correct product to ensure the best possible results while virtually eliminating adverse reactions.”

Oraia has high concentrations of anti-inflammatory, skin strengthening, healing and skin perfecting ingredients. Featured anti-oxidants include:

D- Quercetin - Has anti-cancer, anti-ulcer, anti-allergy, and anti-inflammatory activities. It protects skin cells from oxidative and chemical pollutant stress
D-Boldine - It has strong free radical scavenging activity and it is an effective anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial ingredient
L-Superoxide Dismutase - This super antioxidant helps to prevent aging by eliminating the chain reactions that are caused by free radicals
L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) - It stimulates collagen production and it’s a powerful antioxidant
D-Alpha-Tocopherol - It helps to reduce the damage caused by sun exposure and limits the production of cancer-causing cells
Resveratrol and Polydatin - An anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, vasodilator ingredient that stimulates cellular proliferation and collagen synthesis
Aminoguanidine - Helps to preserve the protein structure by preventing collagen fibrils from becoming brittle, thereby maintaining soft and supple skin

Oraia’s powerful moisture rich, natural ingredients are perfectly blended for absolutely beautiful, healthy skin.

Oraia retails for $225 for a 1.7oz. bottle and is available online at

About SIRCUIT® Cosmeceuticals
Founded in 2001 by Michael Wolfgeher, SIRCUIT® Cosmeceuticals offers a complete line of professional, high-performance skincare products using the latest in Chiral Technology. Based in Los Angeles, CA, SIRCUIT® Cosmeceuticals blends the best of both science and beauty to produce super-charged, super-concentrated skincare products that are free of artificial colors, fragrances, parabens, chemical preservatives and always cruelty free. With both retail and professional lines, SIRCUIT® Cosmeceuticals is sold to dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, resorts, medical spas, day spas and is shipped to retail customers worldwide.

Posted by Carlos Torres, Senior Account Executive

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