Friday, June 19, 2009

A year and a half after Oscar’s elementary school science fair project turned into philanthropic family business, the Youd family and their pit-lab rescue, Margo, celebrated the launch of Margo’s Bark Root Beer at Larchmont Larder. To help celebrate, Bark Avenue Foundation was on hand with some adorable furry friends looking for a new home giving party guests something to “aw” over. Larchmont Larder served delicious food including pulled pork sliders and barbeque chicken skewers marinated in Margo’s Bark, mini hot dogs and burgers, and lobster rolls. In my opinion, the main event of the night was the Margo’s Bark Root Beer floats served with house made ice cream from MILK. I knew from the first sip it was a match made in heaven. Just like Oscar says: “The best part of Margo’s Bark is that you can put a scoop of ice cream in it.” Touché my friend, touché.

In addition to friends, family, dog lovers and root beer aficionados, KCBS-TV and KTTV-TV were on hand to capture the event. Check out their stories below.

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