Friday, June 5, 2009

Some call it Synergy

Being a good publicist is all about contacts, and it's not just media contacts that matter. We recently introduced two new vendors to our client, Tender Greens. Not only are the new contacts providing great products for the TG customers, they are providing fodder for even more creative pitches for us.
The first contact came through a friend of mine. His cousin had recently retired from practicing law and started up a microgreens farm in his back yard in San Diego. "Perfect for Tender Greens San Diego!" I squealed. Even better, the cousin, Paul Reeb, and his microgreens business Green Castle Micros are located in Point Loma, almost walking distance from the restaurant. Tender Greens is buying up all the microgreens Paul can grow and BONUS! he also grows more than 70 varieties of tomatoes (all in his back yard), and Tender Greens San Diego is buying up every last juicy one.
The second contact came through a referral from my husband's boss for Margo's Bark, a tasty root beer which donates all profits to dog shelters. We picked them up as a client and referred them to our restaurant clients. Tender Greens immediately took a liking to the product and picked up the root beer for all three locations. Not only are they selling bottles of the brew, they're making unbelievably delicious root beer floats, which are already a huge hit in San Diego.

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