Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Grilled Cheese Month

April is Grilled Cheese Month and here at JS2 Communications HQ we are obsessed cheese fanatics.  Melted together between hot, buttered slices of bread and it's almost a little piece of heaven.  Our clients Patinette, Ivan Kane's Café Wa s and Rush Street serve a darn good grilled cheese sandwich and we recommend them to anyone looking for a bite of gooey goodness!

For lunch, the best grilled cheese in close proximity to our office in West Hollywood is at Joan's On Third.  We all dream about it at our desks and argue over whether we should get it with bacon, slices of tomato or ham.  My personal favorite is a fresh slice of heirloom tomato with the rationale that adding a slice of tomato then makes the grilled cheese sandwich healthier.

Our chef's swear by the type of bread that makes their grilled cheese the best.  Chef Glen Ishii of Noé Restaurant & Bar at the Omni Hotel Los Angeles uses Asian bakery bread, easily found at 99 Ranch or any other Asian-owned bakery, which give his grilled cheese sandwiches a soft, pillowy texture. Chef Alex Reznik from Ivan Kane's Café Wa s makes his with slices of house made brioche grilled with truffle oil and stuffed with French Emmenthaler and Morbier cheeses.

Here are our tips for how to make the best grilled cheese sandwich:

  • Use nice quality bread!  A more dense bread gives your sandwich a heartier quality whereas a lighter, softer bread from an Asian bakery is almost light as air
  • Kraft Singles American Cheese slices are just not right!  It may be a part of everyone's childhood but a fine gourmet chunk of cheese really makes the difference in flavor. Use a nice blend of cheeses
  • Use real butter.  Not Pam, margarine, I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, or fake butter substitute.  Real butter adds real flavor and gives the bread a nice crunch
  • Do add bacon
  • Grill on low heat so the cheese will melt without burning your bread

Happy Grilled Cheese Month to all!

Posted by Christina Wong, Account Executive, Foodie

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