Friday, March 13, 2009

Kao Pao Shu and JS2 Take It To The Streets

Last night, Kao Pao Shu fashion designer Naida Begeta and JS2 staffers (Amy Fuller, Chris Bess and Vanessa Kristal) teamed up to take it to the streets and enjoy the monthly Art Walk in downtown Los Angeles. Tooling their way in and out of art lofts and raw undisclosed galleries made for a perfect evening of art, culture and visual inspiration! Kao Pao Shu Visual Art Director, Marco Schillaci captured a perfect moment at the end of the evening (image posted above) when the decision needed to be made as to where to go next.

The Kao Pao Shu collection is truly an eclectic combination of black and white designs, rich colorful pieces, comfortable textiles and effortless forms- that exude an elegant intricacy and classic style.

Posted by Vanessa Kristal, Account Executive

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Amanda White said...

How fun! Wish I could have gone with you!