Friday, March 27, 2009

“For Never Was a Story of More Woe Than This of Juliet And Her Romeo”

At JS2, we are constantly pushing ourselves to be better PR professionals and to that end, we recently instituted a bi-weekly creativity project. For our first project, the staff teamed up in pairs to develop a story pitch around William Shakespeare’s classic love story, Romeo & Juliet. Once the creative was in, we were thrilled to realize that each team had used a different angle to pitch – Gina and Christina suggested plant-based natural remedies as an alternative to expensive doctor visits, offering Friar Lawrence as spokesperson; Liz and Amy used the opportunity to talk about the alarming statistics of teen suicide and what we as a nation can do to combat the epidemic, Chris and I promoted To Be or Not To Be Nurses, tailored childrearing services for Elizabethan parents and Carlos and Amanda provided a crisis communications statement from Ye Olde Dagger Company, unfortunately caught up in the tragedy as the weapon of choice for poor Juliet.

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Posted by Vanessa Kristal, Account Executive

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